Sacred Items and Bundles

Everything in Creation has a spirit, including animals, plants, rocks, water, the moon, and stars. Sacred items, such as feathers, pipes, drums, drumsticks, and rattles are used for personal prayers and in ceremonies. Personal bundles can be created with items that have given a teaching and help in personal development. Bundles for the people are used for healing and ceremonies, containing things that the Nations need to survive. Healers who carry the medicine bundles are chosen by the spirits to carry on the teachings, work, and responsibilities. Sacred items and bundles are treated with respect and honoured in various ways, including feasting and display in a special room on an altar.

Sexual health Medicine Bundles offered to Two-Spirit, queer, trans Indigenous people, photo by Lane Bonertz. Retrieved.

It is important to note that different Indigenous cultures may have different sacred items and practices, and that these practices are often closely tied to specific traditions and beliefs.


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