The Creativity module looked at what creativity is and how it can support the mental health of teachers and learners through course delivery, specifically through creative assignments like TikTok explainer videos, that, in the process of creation, and the equally important process of sharing, can, among other things, support mental health and well-being recovery and foster mutuality, trust, and shared understanding and recognition.


In the Mental Health module, we defined the most common mental health problems, as well as examining the dramatic increase in student mental health concerns. Additionally, we introduced various models of mental health, as well as the concept of neurodiversity. We considered the use of accommodations, and their potential shortcomings. Finally, we touched on some of the mental health resources available to students on and off campus. This section laid the groundwork for considering creatively designed assignments.

Next Steps

Congratulations! You’ve completed Creativity-Focussed Pedagogical Strategies and Assessment Methods to Support Student Mental Health and Well-being. This course may be supplemented with in-person workshops that provide an opportunity to put the ideas from this course into practice.


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