Reflective Questions

Instructions: In the health history interview virtual gaming simulation, you assumed the role of the registered nurse in a retirement home. The following is a series of questions to guide your reflection on your simulation experience. The questions will help you express your reactions, analyze issues, reflect on your performance, and make connections to future clinical practice.

There are 8 questions to be answered. It will take you up to 60 minutes to complete the questions.


  1. What were your thoughts and feelings while playing this simulation?


  1. How did you feel in the role of the nurse during this simulation? Did anything surprise you?


  1. Did you learn anything about your own biases? Did you make any judgments about Gemma?


  1. Share what you learned in relation to using a relational approach to interviewing and establishing a therapeutic nurse-client relationship with Gemma.


  1. Not everyone works their way through this scenario perfectly. What can you take away from the incorrect decisions/responses you made?


  1. What are your own key learning points related to the learning objectives of this simulation?
    • Apply therapeutic communication skills.
    • Demonstrate health history interviewing skills.
    • Integrate developmental, cultural, and social considerations.


  1. What will you take away from this simulation to incorporate into your clinical practice?


  1. What questions remain unanswered for you in relation to this simulation scenario?


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