The Public Domain Core Collection

Using Titles in the Public Domain Core Collection

All titles in this collection are freely available for use.  If you wish to use them without making any customizations, you can access them directly from the Public Domain Core Collection Catalogue page.

Customizing Core Collection Titles

Any of these titles can be customized to reflect the requirements of a particular course.  How you make a customized version will depend on your location and the software you have available.  The easiest way to customize a book is to clone it to another Pressbooks site and edit it there, but other editing options are available.


All titles are available from the Public Domain Core Collection site and are licensed so that you can copy and edit them.  To create a customized version, log into your eCampusOntario or institutional  Pressbooks account, and clone a copy of the book.

How to clone a Pressbooks title:

  1. Log into your Pressbooks account (Ontario educators, log into your  eCampus Ontario Pressbooks account)
  2. Click on My Books
  3. Click on Clone a BookScreenshot showing Clone a Book option in dropdown menu
  4. Enter the url of the book that you want to clone (Source Book URL)
  5. Enter your new URL (Target Book URL)
  6. Optional – Enter the title of the book (Target Book Title)Screenshot showing where to enter book url, target book url and title
  7. Click on Clone this Book

A copy of the book will be cloned into your account.


All titles have downloadable WordPress files.  To access the WordPress files, go to the main page for an individual title and, in the Download this Book drop-down menu, select WordPress XML.

Other Publishing Platforms

The titles in this collection are available in multiple editable formats including epub, xml, and html. These files can be downloaded directly from the home page of the book via the drop-down download menu.

Attributing Public Domain Core Collection Titles

We encourage you to use these texts in your curriculum. Adaptations of public domain texts do not require attribution; however, we would appreciate acknowledgement of the source of the work as follows:

This work has been adapted from [title of work (with link to the title)], a title from the eCampusOntario Public Domain Core Collection. This work is in the Public Domain.

Content from the front and back matter is licensed under CC BY 4.0, and should be attributed according to Creative Commons best practices.



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