Pediatric Patient with an Acute Injury and Post-operative Event

This virtual gaming simulation is focused on performing an assessment of a pediatric patient who is post-op day four on the surgical floor. You play the role of the nurse in the game.

You will be asked questions, and you will need to choose the next best nursing action to be taken. When you choose correctly, the video will continue to play on to the next decision point. If you choose the incorrect or not the best answer, you will receive feedback asking you to reflect on the answer you chose. You will be given another chance to select the correct answer.   

We encourage you to take detailed notes of your assessment findings. These notes will help you determine your priority actions. 

For the best experience while playing the game, it is recommended that you have access to high-speed internet, and Google Chrome or Firefox as a web browser, to help avoid delays. You will be able to pause the game when needed to allow yourself time to review the collected data.

Now you’re ready to play the virtual simulation!


How to Play the Pediatric Virtual Gaming Simulation


Click ‘Next: Pediatric Patient Virtual Game’ on the bar in the bottom right corner to get to the next page.

On the ‘Pediatric Patient Virtual Game’ page, you will have a choice to play the game with or without closed captioning.


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