Chapter 2 – Therapeutic Communication and Interviewing

Therapeutic Communication: CNO Standard Statement

Nurses are accountable to develop an effective nurse-client relationship. Therapeutic communication is one of four standard statements in the Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship: it is used to “establish, maintain, re-establish and terminate the nurse-client relationship” (College of Nurses of Ontario [CNO], 2019a, p. 5).

In your new role as a nursing student and your future role as a registered nurse, you must be aware of the CNO (2019a) indicators of therapeutic communication and understand your role in meeting this standard: Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship, Revised 2006.

For example, the indicators specify how to introduce yourself, how to refer to the client, and how to communicate with the client. You are legally obligated to practice in accordance with the CNO standards, or nursing standards in your region.

Throughout this chapter, you will learn to apply and interpret these indicators in the context of nursing practice and the client interview.


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