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Progressing Towards Equitable Education

According to Toronto’s First Indigenous Health Strategy 2016-2021 report, the percentage of Indigenous adults without post-secondary education remains higher than that of the general population (p. 6). In spite of increasing opportunities for Indigenous students to engage with culturally appropriate education, the Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study by Environics (2010) indicated that at least a quarter of Toronto’s Indigenous respondents had negative experiences during grade school. Although many respondents expressed their desire to complete their education, they were not always certain of how to accomplish that goal.

First held in 2013, Orange Shirt Day has spread across Canada. Based on the story of Phyllis Webstad having her beautiful new orange shirt taken by a nun at a residential school, the orange shirt has come to symbolize the harm and violence children suffered in these institutions. The annual campaign, held on September 30, raises awareness that Every Child Matters.


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