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Here are a variety of resources on Indigenous topics, as shared in the 2019 XU Pow Wow Education Week LibGuide, prepared by the Library. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but a good starting place.

Treaty 13: The Toronto Purchase (1805)

Author: Donna Duric

Date Posted: May 28, 2017


“The Crown, in the 1780s, recognized the need to secure communication and supply lines to their western outposts and to unite the settlements along Lake Ontario from Kingston to Niagara. In order to meet Crown objectives, Sir John Johnston, Superintendent General of the Indian Department, met in 1787 with a number of Mississaugas at the Bay of Quinte where the Mississaugas of the Credit purportedly sold the lands of the Toronto Purchase Treaty.   A supposed deed documenting the sale of the lands was found years later and raised serious questions about the legitimacy of the deal between the Crown and the Mississaugas.  Problematically, the deed was found blank and had no description of the land ‘purchased’ by the Crown.” (Continue reading)

View the Toronto Purchase Specific Claim – Arriving at an Agreement booklet

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