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14 Renewal and Return: Reverse Poem

Montana Paypompee

My life is a ceremony

was a false narrative I internalized. In reality,

my identity is chained to shame.

The truth I honor is,

Colonial construct will always be superior.

 Today, I refuse to accept the statement:

Kinship carries power.

Because I strongly believe,

reconnection is impossible.

So, I say a prayer for those who think

healing can change perspectives.

It took some time to recognize

stereotypes hold power over my future.

it is okay to give up the belief

Things will change.

 now, read line by line, bottom to top

Poem written by Montana Paypompee

Braiding hair

Drawn image of people hugging with floral images and the text Kinship Carries Power
Kinship Carries Power by Kaya Joan






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