Open Pedagogy in the Classroom

What are some ideas for applying open pedagogy in the classroom?

Some ideas for applying open pedagogy in the classroom, as discussed by participants at the March 2021 Open Pedagogy Workshop.

  • OER textbooks – great for access and saving students’ money and for creating material that hasn’t been produced by commercial publishers.
  • Collaboratively written textbooks – especially with constantly changing disciplines like the sciences, the students could read journal articles and contribute to a knowledge database that is always growing and changing
  • Language learning – have students work on translations (for example, stories in French) that are then reviewed by their peers
  • Critique – students use annotation software (e.g. to analyze documents (for example, health information, fake news articles)
  • Integrating multiple years in a program (for example, upper level students write case studies for use by lower level students)
  • Assignment design (for example, students design assignments that could be used by other students going forward)
  • Connect open to the curriculum (for example, in professional communication where the goal is public communication, help students shift from thinking about writing as only for a grade to how they communicate to an outside audience)




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