5. Education

Policy Brief Assessment

Based on the articles above from First Policy Response, please engage in the following assessments to test your learning.

Policy Brief:

You are a policy analyst for the Ontario Ministry of EducationCOVID-19 caused a great deal of disruption across Ontario’s diverse educational landscape. K-20 educators and students dealt with an unsustainable amount of stress and fatigue as a result of the rapid transition to online learning.

Write a short policy brief (750 – 1,500 words in length) that focuses on Ontario’s education system. Choose either the K–12 or post-secondary education sector, not both. It will be presented to the Ontario Minister of Education. You have a choice of two possible briefs:

  1. Describe your top three educational policy recommendations to improve online learning in the province with a special focus on helping vulnerable communities.
  2. It is essential that the needs of students, teachers, and staff are prioritized to ensure sustained in-person school attendance moving forward. It is fall 2021 and the government is hoping to resume in-person learning. To prepare for the re-opening of schools articulate three policy recommendations to create a sustainable plan and improved learning experience.


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