The authors’ aim in writing The Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics (CEBE) was to provide readers with a useful, concise overview of key issues in business ethics. Our aim is not to be exhaustive, but to provide key definitions, main areas of controversy, and pointers for further reading. It is hoped that it will provide a useful reference guide for students, as well as a starting point for scholars in adjacent fields. Our commitment to sticking to what we consider to be essential topics inevitably means that some readers will find that we have left out what they take to be important topics. For the most part, we stand by our editorial choices. However, as a digital document, it is possible that the CEBE will change and grow slightly over the coming years. Readers are free to provide feedback and suggestions by emailing the authors jointly at


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The Concise Encyclopedia of Business Ethics Copyright © 2023 by Chris MacDonald and Alexei Marcoux is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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