H5P and Pressbooks

Cloning Books with H5P Content

The Pressbooks cloning function (where you can copy a book from one Pressbooks site to another) currently does not clone H5P content.  If the book you are cloning contains H5P content, you will need to download the H5P files separately and then add them to your cloned book.

To download an H5P file, click on the download button under the H5P content:

The file will be saved with a .h5p extension.  Download all the H5P files for the book.

In your cloned copy of the book add each piece of H5P content as follows:

  1. Select Add New from the H5P menu item on the left
  2. Click on Content Type
  3. Select Upload File
  4. Click on Upload a File button
  5. Choose file to upload
  6. Repeat for each H5P file to be added
  7. Insert H5P shortcode in appropriate chapters

Pressbooks has indicated that H5P cloning will be available in an upcoming release.


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