What is H5P?

H5P (HTML5 Packages) allows you to create, share and re-use interactive content in your websites. H5P plugins have been created for WordPress, various Learning Management Systems and are now available for Pressbooks.  You can use the H5P plugin to create a wide range of content elements to enhance the interactivity of your books.

Over 35 different types of content such as games, presentations, interactive videos, quizzes and more are currently available from within Pressbooks. The following list outlines the types of content available. More detailed information about the content types and examples can be found in this book by clicking on the content type icons below.

H5P Content Types


Accordion icon
Create vertically stacked expandable items


Icon for the Agamotto content type
Create a sequence of images that gradually change

Arithmetic Quiz

Arithmetic Quiz icon
Create time-based arithmetic quizzes

Audio Recorder

audio recorder icon
Create an audio recording


Chart icon
Quickly generate bar and pie charts


Collage Icon
Create a collage of multiple images


Column layout for H5P Content

Course Presentation

Course Presentation Icon
Create a presentation with interactive slides

Dialog Cards

Dialog Cards icon
Create text-based turning cards

Documentation Tool

Documentation Tool Icon
Create a form wizard with text export

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop icon
Create drag and drop tasks with images

Drag the Words

Drag the Words icon
Create text-based drag and drop tasks


Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks icon
Create a task with missing words in a text

Find Multiple Hotspots

Create many hotspots for users to find

Find the Hotspot

Image Hotspot Question Icon
Create image hotspot for users to find


Icon showing cards in a stack where each card has an image and a text field
Create stylish and modern flashcards

Guess the Answer

Guess the Answer icon
Create an image with a question and answer button

Iframe Embedder

Iframe Embedder icon
Embed from a url or a set of files

Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots icon
Create an image with multiple info hotspots

Image Juxtaposition

Icon for the Image Juxtaposition content type
Create interactive images

Image Pairing

Image Sequencing

Image sequence icon
Place images in the correct order

Image Slider

Image slider icon
Easily create an Image Slider

Interactive Video

Interactive Video Icon
Create videos enriched with interactions

Mark the Words

Mark The Words icon
Create a task where users highlight words

Memory Game

Memory Game icon
Create the classic image pairing game

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice icon
Create flexible multiple choice questions

Personality Quiz

Create personality quizzes


Create a questionnaire to receive feedback

Quiz (Question Set)

Quiz Question Set icon
Create a sequence of various question types

Single Choice Set

Single Choice Set icon
Create questions with one correct answer

Speak the Word

Speak the words
Answer a question using your voice

Speak the Words Set

An image showing microphone and questions
A series of questions answered by speech


Summary icon
Create tasks with a list of statements


Timeline icon
Create a timeline of events with multimedia

True/False Question

Create True/False questions

Twitter Feed

Twitter User Feed Icon


Icon for the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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