Hypothesis and Pressbooks

Hypothesis can be made available in several ways other than the usual browser bookmarklet option.  It can also be enabled on websites by the publishers of those sites.  Hypothesis has been integrated with Pressbooks, but by default it is disabled.  By enabling Hypothesis on your Pressbook anyone can view public annotations on your book and readers with a Hypothesis account can add annotations without having to install a browser extension.


Hypothesis enabled on a Pressbook

How to add Hypothesis to your Book

By default, Hypothesis will not appear on any pages of your book.

If you have an administrator account, you can enable Hypothesis from the Settings section of your dashboard. On the Hypothesis Settings page, you can select how you would like Hypothesis to function in your book.  You can specify:

  • If highlights display by default
  • How the sidebar displays (open or closed)
  • Choose the parts of the book available for Hypothesis annotation

Once you have configured Hypothesis for your book, save your changes.



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