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Chapter I: Childhood:

Chapter II: The New Master And Mistress:

Chapter III: The Slaves’ New Year’s Day:

Chapter IV: The Slave Who Dared To Feel Like A Man:

Chapter V: The Trials Of Girlhood:

Chapter VI: The Jealous Mistress:

Chapter VII: The Lover:

Chapter VIII: What Slaves Are Taught To Think Of The North:

Chapter IX: Sketches Of Neighboring Slaveholders:

Chapter X: A Perilous Passage In The Slave Girl’s Life:

Chapter XI: The New Tie To Life:

Chapter XII: Fear Of Insurrection:

Chapter XIII: The Church And Slavery:

Chapter XIV: Another Link To Life:

Chapter XV: Continued Persecutions:

Chapter XVI: Scenes At The Plantation:

Chapter XVII: The Flight:

Chapter XVIII: Months Of Peril:

Chapter XIX: The Children Sold:

Chapter XX: New Perils:

Chapter XXI: The Loophole Of Retreat:

Chapter XXII: Christmas Festivities:

Chapter XXIII: Still In Prison:

Chapter XXIV: The Candidate For Congress:

Chapter XXV: Competition In Cunning:

Chapter XXVI: Important Era In My Brother’s Life:

Chapter XXVII: New Destination For The Children:

Chapter XXVIII: Aunt Nancy:

Chapter XXIX: Preparations For Escape:

Chapter XXX: Northward Bound:

Chapter XXXI: Incidents In Philadelphia:

Chapter XXXII: The Meeting Of Mother And Daughter:

Chapter XXXIII: A Home Found:

Chapter XXXIV: The Old Enemy Again:

Chapter XXXV: Prejudice Against Color:

Chapter XXXVI: The Hairbreadth Escape:

Chapter XXXVII: A Visit To England:

Chapter XXXVIII: Renewed Invitations To Go South:

Chapter XXXIX: The Confession:

Chapter XL: The Fugitive Slave Law:

Chapter XLI: Free At Last:



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