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Intellectual – Learning Game: Longhouses Around the World

The longhouse is a residence type that is used by peoples all around the world including Asia, Europe and North America. In this learning game, students will be tasked with dragging and dropping the correct picture with the corresponding area of the map.

Answer Key:

This is a depiction of a Northwest Pacific longhouse located in British Columbia
By Arnold C – Own work by User:Buchanan-Hermit (Arnold C), Public Domain,



This is a picture of a North American Pacific Northwest longhouse that might have been found by the peoples of British Columbia, Canada.








This is a reconstructed Viking longhouse.
By Sven Rosborn – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

A Viking longhouse (recreated) that is located today north of Gothenburg Sweden. 









This is a thatched longhouse from Vietnam.
Doron / CC BY-SA (



This is a Mnong longhouse located in Vietnam in the Central Highlands.






This is a reconstruction of a Huron longhouse created for the movie Black Robe.
Pierre5018 – Own work CC BY-SA 4.0Huron-Maison-Longue-Reconstituée-Extérieur 01.jpg Created: 3 August 2012

This is a reconstruction of a Huron longhouse in Quebec, Canada created for the Canadian film Black Robe.







This quick and fun, drag-and-drop game is also found in the Student Resources section.

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