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Acknowledging our Contributors

“Indigenous Entrepreneurship: A community-driven approach to new venture creation” is a collaboration between Toronto Metropolitan University (Recently renamed) and Carlton University. My ultimate gratitude goes to the speakers featured in this module. They are a true visionaries and the impact that their work is making will ripple through generations.

This book is authored by Michael Mihalicz, Jeremie Caribou, Cody Anthony and Dr. Sean Wise. The visioning and instructional design was developed under the guidance of Dr. Rick Colbourne and Dr. Sean Wise. Together, they drew on their decades of experience as researchers and educators to guide the project and ensure its alignment with university curriculum. The videos were created by Maria Lypyavka. Maria wore many hats over the course of this project. She was responsible for all of the content organization, video guidance, post-production, and video captioning. The motion graphics included throughout the project were developed by Geneva Hines. The many beautiful maps detailing the known trade routes that you’ll see throughout the project were created by Amtoj Kaur. Last, but not least, Muhib Nawar pulled out all the stops to develop the case study that you’ll find in the appendix. His dedication and work ethic is inspiring.

Thank you to everyone who made this such a great experience!


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