About the Artists

Geneva Hines

Geneva Hines is a motion designer, illustrator and editor based out of Toronto. She loves creating captivating and unique visuals that help tell and share stories. She enjoys thinking of new and complex ways to illustrate, design and animate her work, while also using meaningful colours to convey messages. 





Amtoj Kaur
Amtoj Kaur is a B.Sc student studying Mathematics with an interest in data, consulting, and promoting student mental health. She will be working in a business analyst role in the financial services industry upon graduation.





Maria Lypyavka

Maria Lypyavka is a filmmaker and media creator currently studying at Toronto Metropolitan University (Recently renamed) in the RTA: Media Production program. Maria is also working as a Project Assistant on the Indigenous Initiatives team at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Her work in this role focuses on communications and outreach. Maria strives to connect with people, create awareness for social and environmental issues and support others in sharing their stories. 


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