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Chapter I: Haste to the wedding:

Chapter II: Roses and thorns:

Chapter III: “The more haste the worse speed”:

Chapter IV: Doubts and difficulties:

Chapter V: Decision:

Chapter VI: Farewell:

Chapter VII: New scenes and faces:

Chapter VIII: Home-sickness:

Chapter IX: Dressing for tea:

Chapter X: Wrought iron and gold:

Chapter XI: First impressions:

Chapter XII: Morning calls:

Chapter XIII: A soft breeze in a sultry place:

Chapter XIV: The mutiny:

Chapter XV: Masters and men:

Chapter XVI: The shadow of death:

Chapter XVII: What is a strike?

Chapter XVIII: Likes and dislikes:

Chapter XIX: Angel visits:

Chapter XX: Men and gentlemen:

Chapter XXI: The dark night:

Chapter XXII: A blow and its consequences:

Chapter XXIII: Mistakes:

Chapter XXIV: Mistakes cleared up:

Chapter XXV: Frederick:

Chapter XXVI: Mother and son:

Chapter XXVII: Fruit-piece:

Chapter XXVIII: Comfort in sorrow:

Chapter XXIX: A ray of sunshine:

Chapter XXX: Home at last:

Chapter XXXI: “Should auld acquaintance be forgot”:

Chapter XXXII: Mischances:

Chapter XXXIII: Peace:

Chapter XXXIV: False and true:

Chapter XXXV: Expiation:

Chapter XXXVI: Union not always strength:

Chapter XXXVII: Looking south:

Chapter XXXVIII: Promises fulfilled:

Chapter XXXIX: Making friends:

Chapter XL: Out of tune:

Chapter XLI: The journey’s end:

Chapter XLII: Alone! Alone!:

Chapter XLIII: Maragaret’s flittin’:

Chapter XLIV: Ease, not peace:

Chapter XLV: Not all a dream:

Chapter XLVI: Once and now:

Chapter XLVII: Something wanting:

Chapter XLVIII: “Ne’ver to be found again”:

Chapter XLIX: Breathing tranquillity:

Chapter L: Changes at Milton:

Chapter LI: Metting again:

Chapter LII: “Pack clouds away”:


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