Introduction to Global Justice and Change

Indigenous Nations and Land Acknowledgements

Dish With One Spoon Territory (sources from Toronto Metropolitan University’s official land acknolwedgement)

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1. Racial Capitalism and Colonialism

Video 1: Racial Capitalism and Colonialism

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For a complete list of image and video attributions including all copyright information for content in the video please see this pdf document.

2. Ecological Collapse and Climate Crisis

Video 2: Ecological Collapse and Climate Crisis

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For a complete list of image and video attributions including all copyright information for content in the video please see this pdf document.


Industry Examples 

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Back Up, What is the Climate Crisis?

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Ecological and Social Collapse

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Societal and Structural Denial

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3. The European Superiority Complex

Video 3: The European Superiority Complex

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For a complete list of image and video attributions including all copyright information for content in the video please see this pdf document.


Knowledge and Hierarchies of Worth

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