3. The European Superiority Complex

*WATCH* Video 3: The European Superiority Complex

To begin, we have created a 10-minute introductory video that explores the main concepts of this module. The video deconstructs the myth of Western European superiority and white supremacy, while exploring its influence on how we understand global issues today.

The intention of the video is to provide an accessible entry point for learners, whether or not you are familiar with these topics. However, this does not mean that this content is “easy”. These are complex topics!

Remember to take breaks if you need to. Stop and reflect on the content. Watch the video or specific sections multiple times if helpful. The more you listen and engage, the more familiar these ideas will become.


Now that you’ve watched Video 3: The European Superiority Complex, take some time to reflect. Complete the learning activities below.

Check Your Understanding

Reflection 1

After watching the introductory video on the European Superiority Complex, respond to the questions below:

  • What was new or surprising to you from the video (if anything)?
  • What did you feel like you already knew or understood (even if in a small way)?
  • In what areas do you feel like your knowledge or understanding increased in relation to the ideas of European superiority and white supremacy?
  • What things still feel a bit confusing or blurry for you?
  • How did this video make you feel? What did you feel in your body? What types of emotions came up for you? Remember, you can feel many different things at once, like anger as well as excitement, you don’t have to choose just one.

Note: to access your reflection journal please review the introduction section of the European Superiority Complex module.


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