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Working in Word

We highly discourage authors from writing in Word and then copying this material into Pressbooks as this will both create more work for the author and can potentially create problems during the editing phase of a project. Instead, we ask that you work directly in Pressbooks. If you require a training session or have questions about Pressbooks, please contact send email to

If you do have a large amount of material in Word that needs to be added to Pressbooks, please see How to Import Content from MS Word.

If entering small amounts of material from Word to Pressbooks, here are some other tips to keep in mind.

  • In Word, don’t format; keep it simple.
  • Don’t copy from Word and paste into PressBooks.
  • Don’t copy from Pressbooks into Word (and back into Pressbooks).
This chapter is an adaptation of “Working in Word” from the BC Open Textbook Authoring Guide by Lauri Aesoph and Amanda Coolidge.


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