Accessibility Statement and Tips

Though we attempt to make all the materials here conform with international accessibility guidelines, we must acknowledge a few accessibility issues that are out of our control or are done on purpose to demonstrate barriers.

Other Accessibility Issues

  • Some external resources may not conform with accessibility guidelines
  • The Lulu’s Lollipops website referenced in Activity 1: Experience Barriers has had barriers added intentionally.
  • Third-party video content may not be captioned, or may be captioned poorly.
  • PDFs have been tested with Acrobat Pro for accessibility though will be inaccessible to those without the Acrobat Reader application or with another PDF reader installed on their computer.
  • Flash is used in a number of places to demonstrate Flash-related accessibility issues. A Flash plugin is needed, and it must be manually enabled in your browser before the Flash content will appear. This is typically done through a security icon that appears in the browser location bar.
  • Iframe embedding of pages from this resource into a secured site that uses https may cause clicked links to produce a security error. To get around this, open these links in a new window. For Windows press Shift+f10 when a link has focus to open the context menu. For Macs, after enabling Mouse Keys in the Accessibility preference settings, on laptops use fn+ctrl+i or for Desktops use ctrl+5 to open the context menu, then choose “Open link in a new window.”

Accessibility Tips

  • Links to other pages of this resource will always open in the current window.
  • Links to external sites will always open in a new window.
  • Use your screen reader’s list headings feature to navigate through the headings within the content of a page.
  • Use the Previous and Next links found at the bottom of each page to navigate through the sequence of pages in the web version of this resource. To access these links most easily, use your screen reader’s landmarks list to navigate to the content info region, then press Shift+Tab to back up to the Next link.
  • Depending on the operating system and browser being used, font size can be adjusted by pressing a key combination including the plus (+) and minus (-) keys. On Windows systems the key combination is typically “Ctrl+” and on Mac it is “Command+”.


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