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The materials here are intended for a general audience. No previous knowledge of web accessibility is needed.

The topics will interest those who want to understand what “web accessibility” means both from a legislative perspective and from an inclusive or socially responsible perspective, ensuring people with disabilities can participate in a digital society at the same level as their fully able peers. The materials here will help you understand what needs to be done to comply with local and international accessibility laws.

People in the following roles can benefit from the information presented here:

  • Managers: Understand what an organization needs to do to ensure it is serving all of its potential customers or clientele and is able to accommodate potential employees with disabilities. Learn compliance requirements to ensure an organization is meeting all local and/or international accessibility laws.
  • Web Content Creators: Become aware of the elements needed in web content to ensure no potential barriers are being introduced that may prevent some people from accessing that content.
  • Web Developers: When creating websites or web applications, know what needs to be implemented to ensure they are accessible and usable by diverse groups of people with different abilities who may be using different assistive technologies or accessing the Web through a range of technologies or devices.
  • People Affected by Disability: Whether you are a person with a disability or you know people with disabilities, know what to expect from providers of goods and services and develop the background knowledge needed to effectively communicate these needs and expectations.
  • Accessibility Consultants: If you already know about web accessibility, the details throughout materials here can help fill gaps in your knowledge, organize accessibility requirements in a coherent way that is easy to commit to memory, or suggest ideas and strategies to enhance your own consulting and training efforts. Or, just read through the materials as a refresher or to gather perspectives from other experts in the field.


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