6. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Advanced)

Activity 14: Accessible Sortable List

Based on the Sortable List details on the previous page, apply what you have learned to the associated activity files to make the sortable list there accessible.

Files for this activity include:

Use the surroundings of the highlighted code on the previous page as a guide to find where the fixes should be applied, Repair the accessibility of the sortable list by applying the highlighted code to the /assets/ik_sortable.js file.

Note: While we suggest using the highlighted code we’ve provided, you are free to come up with your own solutions provided they produce the expected results listed in the marking rubric below.

Test your updated sortable list with ChromeVox to ensure each element described in the marking rubric below is functioning as suggested.


When you have applied your changes and tested to be sure your sortable list functions as described, submit the URL to your sortable.html file on your GitHub Pages site, to the file on the web server you are using to host your copy of the activity files, or a GitHack URL.

Grading Rubric

Criteria Points
Instructions Provided:
Instructions are announced on using the sortable list with a keyboard when it first receives focus.
1.0 pts
Movable List Items:
When navigating through list items, their position is announced along with an indication they can be moved.
2.0 pts
List Items are Sortable:
Using the keyboard operation described in Adding Keyboard Operability for sortable lists, list items can be moved without using a mouse.
3.0 pts
Moved position:
When a list items is moved, its new position is announced.
4.0 pts
Total Points: 10.0


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