1. Introduction

Other WAI-ARIA Libraries

Though we’ll focus on using the open source WAI-ARIA jQuery library we have created for the activities here, there are a couple other resources you can review that provide similar capabilities.

Toolkit: jQuery UI Accessibility Enhancements. Developed by Hans Hillen at the Paciello Group.
Toolkit: Accessible MooTools Widgets. Developed by Fraunhofer as part of an AEGIS project (no longer available through the creator).

The above libraries have been pulled apart and set up as individual demos. These demos can be found through The Chang School’s Distance Education website, as part of a set of resources for a local workshop run at the university.

Toolkit: WAI-ARIA Workshop Resources

Another great resource for WAI-ARIA code and examples is the W3C’s WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices site. Within the documentation are many demonstrations of how WAI-ARIA can be used. We will typically follow the best practices recommended by W3C, though, we may vary from those on occasion when more practical solutions are possible. These variations will be documented in the code comments.



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