6. Hiring Accessibility Staff

Activity: Find an IT Accessibility Professional Job Description

Hiring an accessibility professional and putting together a job description for their position is likely to be an activity an organization will need to undertake in its efforts to develop a culture of accessibility. When you are developing your own accessibility job description, it can be helpful to see what other organizations are looking for in an accessibility professional.

Spend a few moments with your favourite search engine and try to locate examples of job postings for accessibility professionals. Select one or two positions and write up a short summary of them. Include information like the location, company name, salary, years of experience needed, etc.

Here are a few search terms you can use to get started. Use your imagination to come up with other potential search terms that would turn up similar positions. Try adding a city name to your search terms to find positions close to you.

Search Terms

  • IT Accessibility Specialist
  • Web Accessibility Specialist
  • Web Accessibility Engineer
  • Accessibility Expert
  • Accessibility Analyst
  • Accessibility Program Manager

Note: If you have difficulty locating job postings, but find in your search that you discover profiles of people currently working in the field, take note of those.
Hint: Search LinkedIn


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