3. The Committee and the Champion

Self-Test 2

  1. Of the following roles, which roles need a good understanding of WCAG 2.0, as opposed to a basic understanding? Choose all that apply.
    1. Graphic artists
    2. Web developers
    3. Web content editors
    4. Video support staff
    5. Procurement and purchasing staff
    6. Retail store staff
  2. Which of the following should be goals and responsibilities of an accessibility committee? Choose all that apply.
    1. Planning the annual company golf tournament
    2. Raising accessibility awareness
    3. Representing the organization in public affairs related to accessibility
    4. Encouraging feedback to share problems and solutions
    5. Developing internal accessibility standards
    6. Implementing accessibility in quality assurance procedures
    7. Consulting on legal matters related to accessibility
    8. Providing web and digital accessibility support

Answer Key to Challenge Test 2


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