4. Creating Digital Accessibility Culture

Self-Test 3

  1. Which of the following factors might you take into consideration when selecting a service to audit the accessibility of your organization’s website? Choose all that apply.
    1. How long the firm has been in business?
    2. Has auditing processes that align with the W3C accessibility auditing best practices.
    3. Provides automated self-assessment tools for accessibility checking
    4. Offers training for your staff.
    5. Auditing staff that have a university accessibility degree.
  2. When self-assessing web accessibility, which of the following are strategies that might be used? Choose all that apply.
    1. Do a Tab key test.
    2. Use automated accessibility checkers.
    3. Have people with disabilities do testing
    4. Use a screen reader to navigate through a website.
    5. Do colour contrast testing using an online tool.

Answer Key to Challenge Test 3


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