1. Getting Started

Choosing Your Learning Path

A variety of elements have been added throughout the materials here to aid your learning. These are described here.

Your Accessibility Toolkit

Throughout the content, we’ve identified elements that should be added to the Accessibility Toolkit you will be assembling as you keep reading. These elements will include links to resource documents and online tools, as well as software or browser plugins that you may need to install or introduce to your staff. These will be identified in a green Toolkit box like the following:

Toolkit: Provides useful tools and resources for your future reference.

Technical Details

Though the instruction here has been developed without much of the technical details of accessibility, there are places throughout the content where important technical information has been included. These details are contained in the blue Technical boxes. It’s a good idea for those managing web accessibility efforts to be aware of some key technical elements of implementing digital accessibility, so they understand what technical staff should know.

Technical: Aimed more at technical staff, typically containing HTML code samples.

Key Points

Important or notable information will be highlighted and labelled in Key Point boxes such as the one that follows. These will include “must know” information.

Key Point: “Must know” information and interesting points.

Try This

Try This boxes contain activities designed to get you thinking or to give you first-hand experience with something you’ve just read about.

Try This: Typically a short interactive exercise.

Readings & References

Readings & References: These boxes provide links to various web resources for optional reading on the topics being discussed.

Self Tests

These short tests are included throughout the units to help you reinforce what you are learning.


Try This: Skip ahead to the end and read through the Content Recap for a high-level summary of the topics covered here.


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