1. Getting Started

Final Project

The Final Project is writing a digital accessibility policy. Copy the template of topics listed below and paste them into the policy document you will develop. As you progress through the materials here, the readings and activities will provide information that you can use to help write the content for the document.

Project Details

A digital accessibility policy should be written as a guide or set of instructions that management and staff can refer to when they need to understand what they should be doing to meet the organization’s accessibility requirements.

The following is a list of potential sections for the policy document. You can start with these and make the following changes and additions: add or remove sections or subsections; provide text for each section explaining the what, how, and/or who the section of the policy applies to; and organize it in a coherent way.

Key Point:

Template of Topics for Your Digital Accessibility Policy

  • Background
  • Company commitment
  • Accessibility committee
    • Scope and responsibilities
    • Authority and enforcement
    • Support
  • Guidelines and standards
    • Website development
    • Web content
    • Documents and communications
    • Multimedia
    • Third-party content
  • Hiring equity and employment accommodation
  • Training and awareness
  • Digital accessibility resources
  • Procurement
  • Accessibility auditing and quality assurance
  • Monitoring and periodic reviews
  • Reporting
  • Policy review


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