Dr. Catherine Jenkins, Project LeadCatherine Jenkins Headshot

Catherine Jenkins is a writer and academic. She undertook research, writing and text editing for this project, which is based on the original Crisis Communication simulation she developed and tested in the classroom. She has twenty years of live-actor simulation experience through the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. She holds a PhD in Communication and Culture from Ryerson-York Universities; primary research for her dissertation required the development and use of live-actor simulations to examine patient-physician interactions. She teaches in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University.

Dr. Joe Norris, Instructional DesignerJoe Norris Headshot

Joe Norris is an award-winning author on the use of participatory drama for research and pedagogical purposes. He has directed over 90 performance/workshops that addressed topics including, safe and caring schools, violence in the workplace, academic integrity, homelessness, inclusive education, homelessness, person centered care, mental health, cooperative learning and cultural humility. His playbuilding work can be found at (partially funded by SSHRC), which provides examples of applied theatre vignettes that are used for instructional purposes.

Kevin Hobbs, Project Manager, Director, Content DeveloperKevin Hobbs Headshot

Kevin Hobbs is a writer, arts-based researcher, and medical educator. His Master’s in Social Justice and Equity explored person-centred care for people living with dementia or traumatic brain injury through use of a digital platform. It won the ARTS Graduate Research Award from the Canadian Society for the Study of Education. For 20 years he worked at the Standardized Patient Program at the University of Toronto, and then developed and ran a Standardized Patient Program for McMaster University in Niagara. He has created video-based feedback workshops for international medical education organizations, co-delivered workshops on arts-base education and is co-recipient of the 2010 Alan Blizzard Award for “exemplary collaborative projects that improve student learning.”

Additional Team Members

Special thanks to Phoebe Forbes for her unflagging support, insightful questions and ideas, as well as her hard work throughout this project. Special thanks to Michael Metz for his technical expertise in pulling all the pieces together and ensuring timely completion. 

Subject-Matter Experts

Thanks to all our subject-matter experts for their time and valuable input: Dr. Ellen Choi; Michael DickKyla Forbes; Dr. Yasmine Kandil; Kaitlyn Kerridge; Dr. Chris MacDonaldDr. Nancy McNaughtonDianne NublaDr. Samir Sinha; Andrea Thompson; Annabelle Torsein; and Dr. Nancy Walton.


Thanks to all our actors who assisted in piloting the workshops and content creation: Madison Andrews; Lindsay Detta; Taissa Fuke; Nadia Gamesh; Bernadette Kahnert; Mike Metz; Allison Pressnail; Nick Raseta; and Jordan Tzouhas.



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