Case 6 – De-escalation: Health


A female nurse asks four male visitors of a traumatic brain injured patient to be quiet and reminds them of the hospital policy of a maximum of two visitors per patient. They do not comply and become rowdier. Download the full facilitator’s copy of Case 6.

Notes to Facilitator

There can be four to six participants in each breakout group. While gender could be a significant factor in the scenario, the make-up of participant groups need not be; however, a mixed gender group is recommended. Recognize that the content and discussion may be triggering for some participants.

What are your learning objectives for this exercise or course? What prompts could you add to extend or expand the simulation in that direction? What additional resources or assignments might you add? 

Notes for Participants

As you watch the video below, consider whether you would react in the same way, or whether you might say or do something differently, or at different times during the scenario.

Foundational Scenario

Watch: The Rowdy Bunch[1]

Scenario 1

Based on the video, you have been asked to serve on a task force exploring de-escalation techniques to use with hospital visitors who do not adhere to hospital policies. Consider who might be asked to serve on this task force (e.g., hospital security, human resource personnel, union executive, former patient, family member, etc.) and assign individual group members to these specific roles. Your team has been tasked with exploring and reporting on possible ways to approach and de-escalate a rowdy bunch such as the one in the video. Consider:

  1. ways to approach,
  2. who to approach, and
  3. possible responses. Your suggestions will be used to evoke meaningful conversations among hospital staff.

Scenario 2

Using the suggestions generated in Scenario #1, choose one person to play the hospital worker and three others to be the rowdy bunch. Try role playing the scenario in different ways to generate ideas.

Watch an Example with Learners of this Case in the Video Below

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