Case 1 – Business: Social Media Quandary

2 Debriefing, Extensions, and Resources

Note: Debriefing is done in role either in groups or as a whole class


  • Who took initiative or was it shared by all? Could it be said that an informal leader naturally emerged?
  • Did you actively listen to one another? Were there sometimes challenges being heard?
  • How open was your team in changing their perspectives and adapting to new information?


  • Due to the changing situation, did secrets emerge both internally as a group and externally with others?
  • Regarding your social media start-up, what company and personal risks were articulated? Did these influence possible future actions?
  • How great a factor was your company’s reputation in your deliberations and decision making?
  • As your group discussed possible courses of action, did you encounter any loyalty, transparency, honesty and/or ethical boundaries?

Additional Resources



The following suggestions could be undertaken either as a group or individually. They could be written as reflections, offered for discussion, or submitted as assignments for grading.

  1. What are the descriptors of a well-functioning team? What structural and personal characteristics can foster or impede a well-functioning team?
  2. Compose Tweets or social media posts from the perspectives of Kelly-Anne, Phoebe’s Closet, or your social media company in response to the scenario. Annotate it with reasons for your specific word choice and phrases, discussing the pros and cons of your choices.
  3. Depending on who you choose to contact, decide as a group how you will word your message.



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