Case 5 – Crisis Communication: Casey Jones’ Caboose Restaurant

10 Debriefing and Resources

Note: Debriefing is done in role either in groups or as a whole class


  • How did the role play go for you and your group?
  • What was your group’s plan before beginning the simulation? Did that plan change as the simulation progressed? How?
  • Who took initiative or was it shared by all? Did an informal leader naturally emerge?
  • Did you actively listen to one another? Did everyone feel heard?
  • How well did team members adapt to this rapidly evolving situation? How well did your group manage the crisis? What might you do differently next time?


  • Were you able to see how theories of crisis communication might be applied to such a situation?
  • Who are the audiences for the crisis communication messages you will draft?
  • Are some stakeholder interests more important than others?

Additional Resources


The following suggestions could be undertaken either as a group or individually. They could be written as reflections, offered for discussion, or submitted as assignments for grading.

  1. What do you know about what has happened at Casey Jones’ Caboose?
  2. Who are the stakeholders in this developing crisis? What do you know about your audiences? How will this knowledge help you draft a message informing them of the situation?
  3. Considering these audiences, what messages would be most appropriate for this circumstance?
  4. Write an individual or group reflection on your experience with this simulation. Some of the questions from the debrief might also be used here as prompts.
  5. Individually or as a group, draft a news release that offers a quick and meaningful response on behalf of Casey Jones’ Caboose in light of this crisis. What information do you share? Who are your audiences?
  6. What follow-up messages, longer-term responses, or alternative media channels might you suggest to Casey Jones’ Caboose?





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