Case 2 – Business: Interns’ Last Day


This simulation has three scenarios from which to choose, each with different levels of difficulty. All scenarios involve ethical and procedural challenges that require communication among a group of interns. The focus is on problem-solving, conflict resolution and ethical decision-making. Download the full facilitator’s copy of Case 2.

Notes to Facilitator

There can be four to eight participants, depending on class size, with at least one participant assuming each role. To prepare participants for the role play, we suggest starting with a warm-up exercise in which each participant introduces themselves in role (see Warm-up Exercise below).

What are your learning objectives for this exercise or course? What prompts could you add to extend or expand the simulation in that direction? What additional resources or assignments might you add? 

Note: depending on the size of the group, you may consider having participants respond to your prompts during the role play.


Prior to the simulation, ensure participant contact information (e.g, emails, selected chat platform, or phone numbers for texting) is easily accessible on a list that includes their assigned roles (Download Sample Chart: Business Role Assignment). During the simulation, you will need to contact certain characters, so advance planning is helpful. If online, you can copy and paste prompts using email or a chat function. If delivering the simulation in person, you could continue to use email or chat for hybrid delivery, or use cue cards or slips of paper to communicate. Not all characters will receive correspondence from the facilitator(s) in role; those with privacy concerns can be assigned non-contact roles. Be aware of your organization’s PIPA position. Discuss privacy issues in advance and modify accordingly. 


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