Case 3 – Healthcare: Establishing a Productive Interprofessional Team

6 Debriefing, Extensions, and Resources

Debrief – Interpersonal

  • How would you rate the degree of collaboration among team members? Provide examples.
  • How smoothly did the meeting go? Did any of the players monopolize the conversation? Were there areas of contention? Were they resolved? How?
  • Did the team members play to their strengths? How?
  • Did you find ways to divide responsibilities according to expertise?
  • Did a leader naturally emerge?
  • What status and positions of power did each of you hold? Was it negotiated or claimed?

Debrief – Issues

  • What formal procedures could assist in establishing consistent and holistic care?
  • What information is it necessary to know in order to take action?
  • How were privacy issues addressed? What information can/cannot be shared? Do notions of privacy change with different people?
  • What protocols do the interdisciplinary team members share?
  • How would you deal with requests that are counter to policies and procedures?
  • How did you distinguish between facts and hearsay? How did this determine decisions and possible actions?

Additional Resources



The following suggestions could be undertaken either as a group or individually. They could be written as reflections, offered for discussion, or submitted as assignments for grading.

  1. What are the descriptors of a well-functioning team? What structural and personal characteristics can foster or impede a well-functioning team?
  2. Given the different roles of team members, and perhaps different perceptions of authority among those roles, how do you respond to each other as a team? Do perceptions of power differentials impact how you work together?
  3. What privacy concerns have been raised? How might you address them?
  4. Who might you contact, and how would you word your message?
  5. Given some of the messages you’ve received, how do you feel about working for Bright Days Assisted Living? How do you feel about the staff from whom you or your team have received messages?



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