Instructions for Faculty and LMS Package

Information for Instructors Using This Short Course

This short course can be uploaded into your Learning Management System. We have also created quizzes that can be uploaded to your LMS and linked to your grade book or micro-credential system if you wish.

This resource is short enough to be integrated into your larger course as an activity or as a supplementary resource for your students to do on their own.

LMS Common Cartridge

This common cartridge packages contains the following:

  • The short course and
  • Built-in quizzes that you can enable in your course.

NOTE: these are not human-readable files; you must import the package into an LMS (such as Brightspace or Blackboard) to view the content.




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Advanced Research Skills: Conducting Literature and Systematic Reviews Copyright © 2021 by Kelly Dermody; Cecile Farnum; Daniel Jakubek; Jo-Anne Petropoulos; Jane Schmidt; and Reece Steinberg is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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