Module 2: Formulating a Research Question and Searching for Sources

Key Takeaways

We’ve come to the end of this module. Below are the key points that we hope you will take away from the topics covered:

  • Your research question can be qualitative or quantitative.
  • A formula like PICO(T) can assist you in creating your question and identifying your key search terms.
  • Your search terms can include related words and the controlled vocabulary of the subject database.
  • Using Boolean operators will help you put your search terms together in a coherent search strategy.
  • Subject databases have limiters that will help you filter your search results.
  • Use search techniques like citation searching to make sure you have found relevant sources.
  • If you have a working search strategy, have searched all your identified resources and used citation searching techniques, you can stop searching and start analyzing.
  • You need to document your search process.
  • ┬áIn some cases, more in-depth assistance is required and you can book a research consultation with your subject librarian to review your initial search.


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