Module 3: Organizing, Managing and Screening Sources

Key Takeaways

We’ve come to the end of this module. Below are the key points that we hope you will take away from the topics covered:

  • Get to know the exporting features of your chosen databases and sign up for an account with each database. This will not only save your results and search history, it will save you time if you have to re-do your search.
  • Taking some time to pick a citation management tool that is right for you is an essential step in conducting a review. The right tool will help you maintain the integrity of your review and save you time.
  • Screening your citations and abstracts against your inclusion and exclusion criteria is the first step in identifying suitable studies.
  • If you are conducting a systematic review, it is important to reduce selection bias by having a team based approach to screening.
  • Famarizlize yourself with the academic integrity policies of your institution to better understand how plagiarism is defined and how to avoid it.
  • Commit to learning the rules or conventions of your chosen citation style.


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