Module 4: Strategic Reading

Further Readings and Resources for Module 4

Reading Strategies

Greenhalgh T. (1997). How to read a paper. Getting your bearings (deciding what the paper is about). BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 315(7102), 243–246.

Sweeney, M. “How to Read for Grad School.” Miriam E. Sweeney, 20 June 2012,

Quality Assessment

Greenhalgh T. (1997). Assessing the methodological quality of published papers. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 315(7103), 305–308.

Greenhalgh, T., & Taylor, R. (1997). Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research). BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 315(7110), 740–743.

Helpful Websites

Systematic Review Guide: Critical Appraisal (St. Michael’s Hospital Health Science Library)

Systematic Reviews: Quality Assessment (University of North Carolina Health Science Library)



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