Appendix 9: Discussion Questions on Developing an Inclusive Governance Culture

Identify a priority group or groups to include on your board that often face barriers to inclusion and have been discussed in this toolkit, such as women, racialized communities, persons with (dis)abilities, Indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ2I+ [1] community, youth, and people who have low income.

There are a number of additional groups and possible practices that are mentioned in Chapter 4.

Questions for discussion

  1. What have we already done that reflects steps in the right direction in this area?
  2. What gaps or opportunities exist to become more inclusive in this area?
  3. Is there someone who could give us more insight on this area?
  4. What actions do we need to take to become more inclusive in this area?
  5. What barriers exist that will prevent us from becoming more inclusive in this area? What resources do we need to navigate them?

Once you have engaged in this process with one group and are satisfied with your progress, start the conversation about another group.


  1. Literature and practice label this group of sexual and gender minorities in different ways. For the purposes of this toolkit, we have chosen to use the term LGBTQ2I+ to represent this group as it is the term used by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


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