3.5 Recruitment and Selection Practices

As part of your commitment to include more diversity on your board you need to develop a recruitment and selection process for new board members. If you already have recruitment guidelines for diversity, you will want to review them to ensure they include equity and inclusion.

One way to assess your recruitment and selection process is to talk to newer board members and ask them how they found it. If there were potential board members who didn’t end up joining your board, you could also ask them if the process affected their decision to disengage.

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) recently assessed the level of diversity and inclusion within the organization[1]. Recommendations from the report suggest that diversity and inclusion training be a part of all onboarding and a key part of the curricula for leadership development, focusing on a number of areas. The area that was most pertinent to governance board training was mitigating unconscious bias.

  1. Government of Canada (2017). Building a Diverse and Inclusive Public Service: Final Report of the Joint Union/Management Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved from Government of Canada


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