1.1 Advantages of a more diverse board

Diverse perspectives in decision-making lead to better decisions[1] 

Different perspectives help to identify a full range of opportunities and risks.

A diverse organization can be more responsive to the community and clients

The organization can access more resources in the community through connections with potential collaborative partners, policy makers and donors.

A diverse board can lead to increased governance board sustainability

Boards that are not diverse risk becoming stagnant.

A diverse board can support fundraising and marketing/outreach more effectively

Each board member represents another potential network, with new resources and connections.

A diverse board can help build social capital and cohesion among diverse populations

Organizations with diverse boards are better positioned to respond to a range of external influences, and can provide new opportunities and skills for under-represented groups. Once your board and leadership start to become more diverse, your organization needs to think about building a culture of inclusion.

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