Chapter 2: Reading and Comprehension

Best Place and Time for Reading

Stop for a moment and think about yourself and the act of reading. Whether you read headlines or social media posts on a smartphone, or love to settle in with the Sunday paper, or devour stacks of hard-copy books, or read only when forced to, what does reading look like for you?

Check out some of the following tips as you figure out what works best for you:

  • Consider your ideal spot for reading. Is it a favourite chair in your living room? Your bed? A coffee shop? The cool green grass in a local park? The library?
  • What’s your favorite time of day for reading? Try and find when you study best – and then make use of that time.
  • Do you read best in silence? Or do you like to have music playing, be around other people, or have some other sort of active distraction?
  • Do you prefer hard-copy (printed) books, e-books, or audiobooks?

A person reading while sitting in a chair with their cat in the evening.

Figure 2.1: Best place and time to read: What works best for you?


Student Tip

Develop a Routine

Once you’ve found the perfect setting and time, use it. Develop a routine of reading and studying at about the same time and in the same place as much as you can. Doing this helps the activity become a habit, and once that happens, it will be even easier – and more effective.


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