Musculoskeletal System Assessment

Clinical Judgement: Case Study

A 48-year-old client comes to the clinic with back pain. They report feeling pain in their back after moving some boxes. Yesterday their back spasmed as they tried to get out of bed, and now they’re unable to bend over to tie their shoes without feeling pain. The client has a history of back pain for the past 10 years. They play rugby and go to cross-fit exercises 2x/week. Due to the spasms, they are unable to do anything or go out and are feeling useless. Vital signs: blood pressure 124/78 mm Hg, pulse 98 beats per minute, respirations 20 breaths per minute and shallow, oxygen saturation 98%, oral temperature 36.9 degrees Celsius, BMI: 26. Upon a brief inspection, the client’s trapezius muscles are elevated and tense, and their posture is leaning slightly forward to the left while walking slowly. Client slowly sat down in the chair with their face grimacing and using pursed lip breathing.



The client has been diagnosed with strained lower back muscles and inflammation along the L4-5. The client is being discharged and requires health teaching. Identify which health teaching strategies are required by dragging and dropping each strategy in the Indicated or Not Indicated columns.



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