How to Use This Book

This book is designed to prepare dietetic students for practical training. Students can choose to review each module in the order that they appear or to select modules that are most appropriate to prepare for their nutrition care placements.

Each module of this book is presented in 4 sections following the Nutrition Care Process (NCP).  Some modules include a background section to provide further information. Students should review the module in the order the sections are presented to understand how the NCP is developed for each clinical area of practice presented. Case studies will also allow students to apply the content presented in the modules.

To navigate through the book, click on the CONTENTS side bar found on the left of the page. This will open to reveal all modules and sections included in this book. Within each section of the module you will find interactive questions to test your knowledge, links to external resources and a simulation video demonstrating key learnings.

The simulations provide students with opportunities to make decisions and to see how the client could respond to those decisions. It is just as important to see what not to do as the dietitian demonstrates in the incorrect responses, as it is to see what to do in the correct responses. We suggest that students view all decisions in each of the simulations.

The Nutrition Care Process

To learn more about the Nutrition Care Process, please read “Nutrition Care Process and Model Update: Toward Realizing People-Centred Care and Outcomes Management”.  A citation to this journal article is below:

Swan WI, Vivanti A, Hakel-Smith NA, et al. Nutrition Care Process and Model Update: Toward Realizing People-Centered Care and Outcomes Management. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2017;117(12):2003-2014. doi:10.1016/j.jand.2017.07.015


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