Content Development

  • Irene Alfaro, RD, MHSc
  • Katie Brunke, RD, BASc, PHEc (Diabetes module)
  • Julie Cepo, RD, BSc, BASc (Inpatient GI module)
  • Cristina Gandolfi, RD (Inpatient GI module)
  • Michaela Kucab, RD, MHSc (Enteral, Parenteral, and Inpatient GI modules)
  • Phoebe Lee, RD, MHSc (Hypertension and Outpatient GI modules)
  • Daniela Malta, PhD, RD (Hypertension module)
  • Megan Omstead, RD, MPH
  • Emily Opperman, RD, MSc (Enteral and Parenteral modules)
  • Arti Sharma Parpia, RD, MSc (Renal module)
  • Marcia Sivilotti, RD, BSc
  • Julia Stanislavskaia, RD, MSc (Outpatient GI modules)
  • Jessica Wiles, RD, MHSc (Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal, and Outpatient GI modules)

Learning Design and Production

Coordinated by the eLearning team at The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

  • David Arromba, Instructional Designer
  • Sally Goldberg Powell, Instructional Technologist
  • Lindsay Hanna, Instructional Technology and Web Design Specialist (School of Journalism)
  • Chloe Hazard, Digital Learning Technologies Specialist
  • Youdon Tenzin, Video Editor

Simulation Development

Coordinated by the Live Actor Simulation team (LAS@R) at The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

  • Heather von Atzigen, Actor (Diabetes module)
  • Adam Bailey, Actor (Inpatient GI module)
  • Jerome Bourgault, Actor  (Hypertension module)
  • Dana Ishiura Day, Actor (Parenteral module)
  • Shawn Devlin, Actor (Enteral module)
  • Dan Mousseau, Actor (Outpatient GI module)
  • Matthew Payne, Actor (Renal module)
  • Katherine Turner, Trainer/Writer/Facilitator

Funding Acknowledgement

This project was made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about this strategy, visit eCampusOntario VLS Official Website.

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