Welcome to the Renal Nutrition section. This will cover the four parts of the Nutrition Care Process (Assess, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate) for patients and clients living with kidney disease. Please follow along with the case study for Raymond in the coloured boxes to practice. There are also interactive activities throughout the section to check your learning.

A medical model of a kidney shown in cross-section
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Learning Outcomes

By the end of the section you will be able to:

  1. Identify where to gather clinical, anthropometric, biochemical, and dietary data necessary to complete a renal nutrition assessment.
  2. Interpret biochemical values, including GFR, creatinine, BUN/ urea, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, albumin, A1C, hemoglobin, and PTH.
  3. Analyze the 7 areas of nutrition concern (energy, protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, fluid, vitamins) in renal patients and form PES statements for each.
  4. Choose an appropriate oral nutrition supplement for patients with kidney disease who require supplementation.
  5. Determine a patient’s energy and protein needs using data from the initial assessment.
  6. Identify strategies to reduce potassium, phosphorus, and sodium in the diet for patients with kidney disease.
  7. Choose an appropriate phosphate binder for patients with hyperphosphatemia.
  8. Determine the appropriateness of a fluid restriction using fluid intake, urine output, IDWG, BP, SOB, and edema.
  9. Understand the roles of 6 members of the nephrology interdisciplinary team, including the nephrologist, nurse practitioner, nephrology nurse, social worker, pharmacist, patient care technician and/or renal technologist.
  10. Recognize effective strategies, such as Motivational Interviewing and setting, to provide education and support behaviour change in those with kidney disease.
  11. Evaluate the nutrition care plan using assessment data relevant to the patient nutrition concerns, including malnutrition, abnormal electrolytes, and fluid overload.


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